International Office

Working in Ireland

Visas & Immigration

Before applying for a GNIB card you will need to request a letter from the International Office. If you need to extend your visa or apply for a visa for the first time you will need to contact the International Office in the main building and meet with either the Director or Administrator. You can apply for a visa letter through our online request form or you can visit the main reception/International Office and complete the required form. Once the visa letter is ready, you can collect it from main reception and take it directly to the GNIB Office in Anglesea Street with all the additional required documents. What you need to bring with you to GNIB depends on whether or not you are newly registering with them or if you are extending your visa:

Registering at the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB)
If you come from outside the EU you will have to register at the GNIB soon (max. 30 days) after you
arrive in Ireland. You will need to bring the following:

    • Your Passport
    • CCC Letter of Acceptance and Receipt of fees paid
    • Course of study timetable
    • Proof of Private Medical Insurance cover policy
    • An Irish bank statement showing that you have Euro 1,000 or more in your bank account
    • A €300 fee (no cash accepted)
    • Visit for up to date information on opening times, office locations and
      methods of payment.

Renewing your visa at the GNIB
In order to renew your visa you will need to provide the GNIB with:

    • A 6 month working bank statement showing funds of Euro 1,000 or more (this is to show
      that your bank account has been active in the previous 6 months)
    • Your Student ID card (The International Office will provide you with one when you register
      as a full-time student)
    • You will have to pay a fee of €300 (no cash)
    • If your records show that you have less than 85% attendance in your course you may only
      be granted a 3 month extension on your visa.